Rash Vests

Odyssey CORE Rash Vest


The Odyssey Rash Vest allows you to enjoy the water with added protection from irritable skin that can be caused by the combination of rubbing wetsuits and salt water. They can be worn under a wetsuit to reduce rubbing or to add some extra warmth. It can also be worn by as a lightweight top layer, providing UV 50+ protection from the sun and allowing maximum comfort without reducing flexibility. The stretchy materials in the rash vest helps to close out the gaps in the fabric, minimising any harmful UV rays. Always remember to cover any skin that may be exposed to sunlight with appropriate sun blocking protection.


  • UV 50+ protectionMinimum of 97.5% of UVA & UVB
  • 88% Polyester / 12% ElastaneQuick drying, super soft fabric
  • Flatlock constructionFor maximum comfort

CORE LS Rash Vest Mens

CORE LS Rash Vest Womens

CORE LS Rash Vest Junior

CORE SS Rash Vest Mens

CORE SS Rash Vest Womens

CORE SS Rash Vest Junior